Welcome to Merle Hay Lanes

Check out our Open Bowling page for our regular bowling hours and our Specials page to see our daily specials. 


Leagues are forming for 2019. Visit our Leagues page for more information.

DSM Rainbow Standings

1st: Nut Lovers
2nd: 3 Poles No Waiting
3rd: The Keglers

Hyperion Ladies Standings

1st: Charlie's Angels
2nd: Pinheads
3rd: Gutter Done

Pepsi Standings

1st: 2Legit
2nd: KO's Pro Shop
3rd: Lost Cause

Cass Nemmers Standings

1st: Triple B Proshop
2nd: American Home SE
3rd: Felix And Oscars

Monday Mixed Fits Standings

1st: BSN
2nd: Maximum Effort
3rd: Oh No's

John Deere Standings

1st: Team 8
2nd: Team 7
3rd: Team 1

TNT Ladies Standings

1st: KO's Sunny Beaches
2nd: IDGAS
3rd: Just Us

Lunch Bunch Standings

1st: The Younguns
2nd: Spare Parts
3rd: The Miracles

His & Hers Standings

1st: Pin Pals
2nd: Date Night
3rd: 9 & A Wiggle

Tuesday Knights Standings

1st: Visionary
2nd: The Walk Offs
3rd: King Pins

Club 55 Standings

1st: Ho-Ho's
2nd: No Problem
3rd: Holy Rollers

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