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John Deere Standings

1st: Team 8
2nd: Team 7
3rd: Team 1

Tuesday Knights Standings

1st: Three's a Crowd
2nd: Visionary
3rd: Stormy's VI

TNT Ladies Standings

1st: KO's Sunny Beaches
2nd: IDGAS
3rd: Just Us

His & Hers Standings

1st: We Don't Care
2nd: Book Ends
3rd: Date Night

Club 55 Standings

1st: Ho-Ho's
2nd: Holy Rollers
3rd: No Problem

Monday Mixed Fits Standings

1st: BSN
2nd: Family Affair
3rd: Maximum Effort

Cass Nemmers Standings

1st: American Home SE
2nd: Triple B Proshop
3rd: Edward Jones

DSM Rainbow Standings

1st: The Better Halves
2nd: I Like Your Shoes
3rd: Three Queens and a Gaber

Pepsi Standings

1st: 2Legit
2nd: Lost Cause
3rd: Captain Obvious

Lunch Bunch Standings

1st: Spare Parts
2nd: The Miracles
3rd: The Younguns

Hyperion Ladies Standings

1st: Charlie's Angels
2nd: Pinheads
3rd: Gutter Done

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